Calling All Mystics & Healers … Huddle UP!!

Where there is unity, there is always victory. – Pubilius Syrus
It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. – Mark Twain
You don’t fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity. – Bobby Seale
Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don’t give up the fight – Bob Marley
Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

The world has always been a fascinating, but scary place. We all know this. Today I want to address all the scary shit going on. Just this past week alone we have seen several instances of the hatred and cruelty that is rapidly escalating. First, a man by the name of Cesar Sayoc was arrested after sending out numerous bombs to democratic politicians and supporters, many of whom have been very critical of our current administration. On October 24, 2018 in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, Gregory Alan Bush reportedly tried to force his way into a black church. When his attempts failed, he went to a nearby Kroger murdered two innocent people. Maurice Stallard (69) had been shot from behind in front of his 12-year-old grandson while shopping for poster board and Vickie Jones (67) was shot in the parking lot. Both victims were black and it is believed that these murders were racially motivated.

WVLT Maurice Stallard Vickie Jones
Maurice Stallard (69) & Vickie Jones (67) both victims of the shooting by Gregory Alan Bush October 24, 2018 in Jeffersontown Kentucky.

As if that had already not been more than enough tragedy to deal with, this morning a gunman walked into a Pittsburgh synagogue and opened fire. The suspect has been apprehended, but there have been reports of many injured and sadly, many deaths. We are still awaiting information on the suspect, but one thing that does not need to be confirmed is that this was an act of terrorism and an act of hatred. Too many times we see black and brown people labeled as criminals and terrorists, but we have a tendency to sugarcoat things when homegrown terrorists commit these acts because they don’t fit the narrative.

I don’t want to take this message the political route, but maybe it needs to go there. We have an administration that has given this bullshit a place to bubble back up to the surface. People of color know what has gone on and we know it  has never gone away, but thanks to today’s technology, the whole world gets front row tickets to what is going on. Our country is dividing and we absolutely need unity and we need the support of our friends and allies outside of the United States.

Sayoc & Bush
Sayoc (left) & Bush (right).

Why am I calling upon mystics & healers?

We understand the world and Universe in ways that maybe other people can’t and don’t understand it. We are the ones who have called bullshit against conformity and made the decision to learn about our true selves and what the Universe expects from us and also what it bestows upon us. Many of us resonate with many people on our platforms and the messages we send out to them is of great importance! I ask of you these questions:

  • How can we collectively come together, have a conversation that is long overdue and then form a plan we can put into action to heal as much as we can with the time we have?
  • What are you personally doing to heal and educate those around you?
  • How are you using your platform outside of personal gain to ensure that you are helping to spread the Universal message that it’s time for a change?

I have some questions for my non-POC mystics and healers and yes, I may be judging a bit!

I hate that I must say this time and time again, but if the shoe does not fit, do not get offended. Those of you who feel personally attacked by this message need not to argue with me, but instead look deep within  yourself and ask why you feel the way you do. There may be a reason why!

Too many times I have seen some of my white counterparts, coaches, spiritual leaders, etc silence the voices of POC when these issues come up. I have seen them wield “I’m going to hold space” for you as a polite way of ending a conversation or speaking over someone who dares to point out their bias and hypocrisy when it comes to issues of racism, bigotry, and the like. Maybe you have not done this personally, but how many times have you witnessed it and remained silent? Sometimes the silence is worse than the actual incident. To be silent tells victims that so long as you aren’t affected then you could care less about the consequences. It tells the perpetrators that they have done nothing wrong and that their behavior will go unpunished so then it becomes the norm.

I can remember a specific incident dealing with the cesspool of fuckery that is Kanye West. I was new to a spiritual group on social media. I had just began my journey on my path and I found it to be such an exhilarating group of women. I was weary because many of these groups are run by white men and women and I felt small, but this group was different. There were women from all walks of life, from all over the world, and just as many women of color as white women. I began to make friends with these women and make connections. One such woman (white) we will call Frankie was very vocal and stood up when another white woman became a bit careless with her words regarding the black community. She also informed the moderators of what was going on and she messaged me privately to make sure I was okay.

About a week later Kanye West had said or done something insanely ignorant and hurtful to the people who have for years supported his career and him as a person. Frankie, for whatever reason, took everyone’s anger at KW personally and went on a rampage. When another woman from our group, a black woman, tried to explain to her why we were upset and why what he had said or done was so harmful, Frankie did the very thing that she had just stood against previously. She cut this woman off, told her why she was wrong, said she would “hold space” for her and then promptly blocked the woman. When I pointed this out, guess what happened? You guessed it! I too was blocked.

As I became more familiar with these powerhouses in the spiritual community, I noticed even more things. They were making millions of dollars off the backs of POC, using sacred practices, labeling themselves with sacred titles from other cultures, etc. They were not giving credit and a few of them were even putting out racially insensitive materials. Their events and materials aren’t very diverse either. All these things send a message out that POC don’t matter or that you generally don’t give a shit about POC or their issues.

As these events have been in the news the past few weeks, the silence has been deafening. I have not seen many of the non-POC collective highlighting, speaking out or correcting any of this. For whatever the reason they fear causing a ruckus, or they believe to give the problem any attention is to make matters worse (I’ve actually seen this bullshit excuse), and the most selfish reason of all is they fear losing followers or money.

I will say this: this political climate has told me so much more about some of the people I have looked at as friends and acquaintances. Some I have been very pleasantly surprised by and others, well the disappoint is real! I have seen things from some people and wondered how the fuck did you allow this type of person get so close to you? I’ve even  had to give kudos to a few for how long they were able to keep up the faux imagery of themselves. I have friends who disagree with me on many things. I have friends who are more conservative in nature, but I do not allow that to take away from our friendship and who they are if we have a mutual respect and boundaries, but I can’t say the same for supporters of this current administration sadly.

This does not fall under the same rules as we can agree to disagree. This administration has always blasted a hateful and biased rhetoric and it continues to do so. It has shown us time and time again that women and POC do not matter and yet, there is still so much divisiveness. If you can still honestly say that you support this time of fuckery then I can honestly say Bitch I don’t fuck with you! To my white mystics, healers, and just friends and people in general I asks you these questions:

  • When you see this acts of injustice, violence, and hatred how do you feel? I mean really feel? Do you get upset, does it hurt you and if so are you being vocal about it? Are you educating people about it?
  • Are you still hanging with racist, bigoted and/or sexist people because they are family or “outside of that they are really good people”?
  • Do you make an effort to listen to and become friends with people in color? Do you make sure they are represented and welcome to your platform? How are you reaching out or communicating?
  • Are you properly learning and respecting other cultures and their beliefs and practices?
  • Because none of us are perfect and make mistakes, are you willing to listen and reflect on what you’ve said or done and how it has impacted others? Are you willing to remain silent and view things from the other side when someone takes the time to explain it to you?
  • Are you willing to be an ally and friend who listens and helps versus a savior who steps in, silences, and takes over?

Honestly, my brain aches when I try to sit and figure out how some of these people can call themselves healers or spiritual leaders when they refuse to face their own biases or refuse to call out their followers who are display harmful behaviors. Being a healer is a special gift. It is one that calls on you to heal the world and every person in it. It is a gift to be used with humility and poise!

What do we do now? Where do we go from here?

Waiting to Exhale Gify
Courtesy Gify – Scene from Waiting to Exhale

We are powerful! We are the baddest witches, mystics, healers, leaders, coaches, friends, and family that the Universe has to offer. We have tried to be peaceful. We have tried to be complacent. We have tried the kumbaya shit (there will be time for that later). Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to make shit happen. It is time to get angry! It is time to take action now! In the words of my beautiful mentors (who will remain unnamed as I like to keep my anonymity and you know who you are!!!) It’s time to burn this shit down to the ground! 

It’s time to use our platform to bring to light all the shit that happens in darkness. We need to call out shit that we will no longer put up with. Make those full of hate and ignorance ashamed to display this behavior. It is time to stop making hate and bigotry the norm in our societies. There is only so much we can do individually, but it is still something. Think about what we can do as a collective? I’m tired of seeing innocent lives taken. I’m tired of seeing people harassed simply for living their lives.

I really want to hear from you all. What are your ideas? How do we come together? What can we do? We have the gifts so how are we gonna use them for their true purpose?

Much love!

Black Mermaid10




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