The Black Mermaid Nerd Journals: #1 Babe

*Warning: There may be spoilers ahead*

Welcome To My Nerd Journals

So I am a nerd! I always have been and I really don’t care what anyone thinks of it. Besides, when you’re a kid no one ever tells you the nerds grow up to be the cool adults and in some cases they are the ones with the money too. How many times have you run into the nerdy guy from school and he is fucking hot now??? Never sleep on the nerds. We are creative and pretty damn awesome.

Anyhow, my other half, my love ( let’s just call him Bats due to his love of Batman) is a nerd too. His nerddom has taken him down the comic book path. He is team DC all the way (and I am too although I only watch the movies), but he definitely knows his shit when it comes to all things comic book. I am fascinated by him and his knowledge and it has peaked my interest in comic books too. I love that we can share and have conversations about these things. I finally made the decision to find some comics and check them out. I will be keeping a journal here of all things nerdy, be they comic books, movies, t.v. shows, books, etc.

So what is my first comic book read?

First, let me start off by saying Bats in no way, shape, or form suggested this comic for me

Dark Horse Comics Babe by John Byrne

to read LOL. In face, he made me promise to mention this in the post. He wasn’t really feeling Babe based on what I had told him about it so far. I wanted to start with a small series and the first one that sort of popped up for me was the Dark Horse series Babe by John Byrne, a 4-issue series that ran from July – October 1994. I read the first two issues, but I don’t think I will be reading the last two. To start, this comic read more like something from the 50s through the 70s than 1994 due to the misogynistic and just flat-out far-fetched plot. First off, the series starts off with our main character, sleazy talent agent Ralph Rowan, happens upon Babe walking nude in the middle of the road, seemingly having washed up on the beach. Of course Babe isn’t her real name, but it’s what Ralph refers to our mystery woman. The only thing she can say is Babe except for the two times (in both of the first two issues combined) where she completes a whole sentence everyone’s surprise.

Next we have Sylvia who is Rowan’s (unpaid) assistant. Work has been dry and he has been able to pay her. You get one guess at why she continues to work for him without compensation. If you guessed she’s in love with him then you guessed it right! Sylvia is feisty and keeps Rowan functioning. When crazy things start to happen she suggest they go visit a super-heroine from the past, (get ready for this one ya’ll) The Blonde Bombshell.

Gideon Longfellow – Babe Issue #1

The villain in this series is a bit complicated. Things start to go left here and I think it is where I started to lose interest. Early in the first issue we meet the antagonist/ Rowan’s rival, Gideon Longshadow. My first thought when I seen this dude was whose Uncle Pimp Daddy is this? All I could think of was Cadillacs and gangsta leans. He seemed pretty interesting enough, but when the gang heads over to Blonde Bombshell’s it’s not Gideon who crashes in on their little meeting. Instead, it’s a ship full of perverted aliens. The story just gets more and more out there from this point.

It’s safe to say that for me, Babe is going on the back burner. Maybe I’ll return and finish the last two later, but I am ready to find something a bit more my speed. Bats has suggested something I may like. I’m going to check it out and fill you guys in on it soon.


Black Mermaid10


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